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Veteran's Services

University of Utah National Center for Veterans Studies

The University of Utah National Center for Veterans Studies is engaging in the research, education, outreach, and advocacy to improve the lives of veterans, and better position these skilled, experienced and well-trained veterans for continued service that further advances American values, prosperity, and security.

Peter S. Cooke serves on the Advisory Board as the group's director. More information about the National Center for Veterans Studies can be found here on the University website.

Partnership With America

The Partnership With America was organized in 2010 to focus on one central partnership: to employ veterans. Learn more through the video below.

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ABC 4 News Adresses Veterans' Needs

Peter S. Cooke recently discussed the needs of Veteran's with ABC 4 News. You can view the article, and watch the video, at the ABC 4 News site by clicking here.


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