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Property Management

Evergreene Management Group

Evergreene Management Group (EMG) was established by PSC Development in 1985 to manage PSC Development's multi-family affordable housing properties. Beginning with Hartland Apartments, EMG managed a wide range of affordable Section 42 properties throughout Utah. From new lease-ups to acquisition-rehabs, EMG earned a reputation as a leader in property management.

An in-depth knowledge and understanding of the complexities of portfolio management greatly enhances and strengthens the ability of EMG to meet clients' unique requirements. The EMG team has the proven capabilities to administer the portfolio management of any housing area anticipated.

With over 20 years experience in portfolio management, the EMG team has produced an extremely proficient program administration plan for portfolio management. The principles to the right reflect the requirements of portfolio management and thereby provide our team the ability to respond to all requests as well as successfully execute the portfolio management activities of an subsequent contracts issued.

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